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    Frequently asked questions

    About me / this blog

    Who runs this blog? My name is Bec, you can find my blog here. I’m 17 and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    How many followers do you have? It changes everyday. Please stop asking as I find it a rude question. I will occasionally reveal the number when it reaches a milestone though.

    What other blogs do you run? I run way too many for one person haha. I have three other hair blogs, a pink hair one (which was the first) and blue and greenhair ones. I also run a kissing blog, a kawaii rainbow blog and I contribute to a sex advice blog. My interests are pretty varied, I guess.

    What colour is your hair? What is your natural colour? Have you had purple hair? My hair colour changes every month or two, or as soon as I have money to buy dye. Currently it is hot pink, and you can see it here. My natural colour is dark brown. I’ve only had my whole head purple once before about a year ago, and I kept it for a few months. Since then I’ve used the leftover dye to put streaks of purple through my hair very often.

    Can you check out my blog / follow me? Do you do promos? Unless you run a hair blog, please do not ask me to check out your blog. And even if you are a hair blog, do not ask me to follow because chances are, if you do that, I won’t even look at your blog and just delete the message. I don’t think I have ever done a promo on this blog for any tumblr I don’t run myself, and I don’t think I will. If I do choose to, it will be a blog of my own choosing. Please don’t ask for a promo.

    How do I submit? I no longer accept submissions because I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, and I don’t have as much time / energy to check and update my side blogs as I used to. I just don’t think it’s fair for you to submit a good picture and then wait weeks for it to be posted, even if there are only one or two other submissions. 

    Will you reopen the submissions? Yes. I don’t know when just yet, but I do plan to. It is unlikely to be before the end of the year, so you may have to wait until early January at the soonest to submit. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but Tumblr is not my whole life and I do have things going on.

    Please don’t ask me about what’s going on in my life, because I feel uncomfortable posting it on this blog. I do write about it sometimes on my personal blog, which I’m happy for you to read and ask me about. But if I receive any questions about my personal life on this blog, I will delete them. I hope you understand <3

    About bleaching / dying hair

    Do I need to bleach my hair to get it purple? I have answered this here. Unless your hair is already a light blonde, you will need to bleach it to get most shades of purple. If you have dark hair and do not wish to bleach it, then read this post to find out about dark purple hair without bleach.

    How do I bleach my hair? Read the instructions on the packaging carefully. I cannot stress this enough. Recently I was bleaching a friend’s hair and stuffed it up completely and burnt his scalp because he accidentally bought bleach that was too strong. Going wrong with bleach isn’t the worst thing in the world (it is just hair after all), but it can be painful and very very damaging to your hair. I recommend getting a hairdresser to do it, but they’re expensive. Short of that, get a friend to do it for you, because they can see the back of your head and can see if there’s too much / too little in an area. Other than that scary warning, bleaching is easy! Just mix it in a bowl (strong plastic or ceramic, not metal) and chuck it on your head. Wrap your head in cling wrap (click here and here to see pictures if you don’t know what that stuff is. Aluminium / silver foil also works). Doing this helps the bleach heat up and keeps the heat in. You’ll look like an idiot, but that’s the price of beauty~ Wait about 30 minutes or however long the instructions say, then wash it out in warm water without shampoo. To get your hair light enough, you may need to do this two or even three times. I don’t recommend bleaching your hair more than twice in a day. Wait until at least the next day before you try again.

    How do I dye my hair? Will it damage my hair? To begin with, dying your hair does not do damage to the hair. So unless you buy something really cheap and nasty, you can’t really hurt your hair with dye. That said, dying follows a similar process to bleaching, except it’s easier to do it yourself. Just put it on all the sections of hair you want coloured, wrap your hair in the cling wrap or silver foil again and wait. Depending on the intensity of the colour you want you may need to leave it in for quite a while. Some dyes will say on the box that you should only leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, but ignore this. Leave it on for at least half an hour. If you’ve used the brand before, you can even leave it for several hours. I dyed my boyfriend’s hair blue a little while ago and we let the dye sit in his hair for two hours and the colour was beautiful.

    How do I dye my hair a lavender colour or pale purple? Just the same as above, but no matter what colour your hair is, you will probably need to bleach it. You can buy lavender dye, but you can always make it yourself. Just get some bright purple dye and mix in some conditioner to lighten it. The more conditioner, the lighter the colour will be.

    How do you dip dye hair? 

    • Tie your hair into a ponytail
    • If it’s long enough, put it over your shoulder, if not, you’ll need someone else to help you
    • Get a second hair tie and section off the part you want to dye so it looks like this: 


    (Sorry for the crappy paint drawing, but I didn’t know how to say this in words. The reddish-brown things are the hair ties)

    • If your hair is already blonde like my lovely model here, then you don’t need to bleach it, but if not, then you will need to bleach the section under the second hair tie (follow the instructions mentioned above, but only put the cling wrap on the part you want to dip dye)
    • Leave the hair tie in when you wash it out (you can do this in a sink as it’s only a small section)
    • Once the part you want to dip dye is blonde / white enough, put the dye on it and wait, following the instructions above, once again only putting cling wrap on the section you are dying
    • Wash the dye out and take off the second hair tie
    • You’re done!

    (If you have hair extensions and want to dip dye those, these instructions work as well. Make sure your extensions can actually be dyed though. I don’t know very much about extensions as I’ve never had them, so don’t ask me too many questions!)

    How do I take care of my hair after I bleach it?  You will need to take extra care of your hair. Deep conditioning treatments can be bought at most supermarkets, chemists and / or hair salons. That’s the main thing you need to do differently if you’ve bleached it, but depending on your hair, regular conditioner can work too. Bleaching strips colour and in the process, it also strips natural oils. One thing I do every time I bleach my hair is I don’t wash it, not even once, for two weeks. I know it sounds gross, but by letting your hair get oily, you’re, well, letting the natural oils soak into your hair. Oily hair is healthy hair. After the initial two weeks, you shouldn’t wash it very often. Once or twice a week is enough for anybody (even if you haven’t bleached it! Washing too often is detrimental to your hair’s health).

    How do I take care of my dyed hair? If you’ve bleached it, the above things will need to be followed. To maintain the colour, you shouldn’t wash it too often as the water and shampoo will just wash out the colour. Again, once or twice a week is good. Luckily, for people with purple hair, purple shampoos are easy to find and are fairly cheap. Purple shampoo is like regular shampoo, but it has a small amount of dye in it, effectively re-dying your hair every time you wash. If you can’t find / afford any, you can make it yourself by adding a little bit of your dye to your conditioner.

    If you have pale stripes in darker coloured and dyed hair, how do you keep the paler stripes (especially white or silver) from getting tinted when you wash it? In my experience, this doesn’t really happen. The dye doesn’t sit on your hair long while washing out that it would stain the paler stripes.

    How do dye pale streaks or into your hair if you are also dying the rest of it a darker colour? To achieve something like this, the best thing to do is just put conditioner of the bits you don’t want coloured. So, in that example, the light streaks at the sides of her face would have conditioner put on them, and maybe tied up and away from the rest of the hair (as much as possible), and the rest of the hair dyed purple.

    What are quick, safe ways for removing dyed hair, if / when desired? If you like the faded look, can it be achieved quickly? Buy cheap, cheap, cheap shampoo. Really crap stuff from the supermarket. If you are looking for the faded look, wash your hair once or twice with this and you should get what you want. For a less intense effect, try just your regular shampoo.

    But if you’re looking to get rid of as much of the artificial colour in your hair as you can, then mix the cheap, crap shampoo with bi carb soda (also called baking soda). I don’t really have an amount for this, just pour some of the shampoo into a jar or a bowl and add some bi carb soda until it gets thick but still sloppy. That sounds really weird, but I don’t know how else to describe it. You can’t really get it wrong though. Just wash your hair with it like you would normally, but several times. It may take a few tries to get rid of most of the colour, but it should work. You could even try putting it through your hair and then wrapping your hair in cling wrap again, as if you were dying it, and letting it sit for fifteen minutes or so. If this doesn’t work, or you’re looking for a faster method, bleaching your hair will get rid of any dye.

    About brands of dye

    What brand of dye should I buy? I haven’t used everything, but I recommend:

    I’ve used all of these before and recommend them highly. Brands I haven’t used, but have heard only good things about (and have researched) are Special EffectsSplat and Directions.

    About appearance

    I have dark skin, will I look good with purple hair? I can’t  say for sure that you will, but that’s only because not all people with pale skin look good with purple hair either. What hair colour will suit you has a lot to do with the exact shade of your skin and whether you have red or blue undertones or freckles. It can also be related to the colour of your eyes. The best way to find out if it will suit you is to edit a photo of you to have purple hair. You can also try dip dying it or putting some streaks in. But here, here and here, are three examples of girls with dark skin looking great with purple hair!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! To see other questions I’ve answered, click here. And if you have any questions or tips you feel should be in this FAQ, then leave me a message.

    Love or hate a brand? Product reviews are always welcome. Let me know about it!

    A very big thank you to idol-hands, whose message gave me some very good questions to answer.